Sugar hits the export bottom line

Our trade deficit has blown out badly thanks to a drop in sugar sales. The Bureau of Statistics has reported that the net goods deficit increased by $381 million due to a decrease in exports of sugar. This decrease was due to the failure of FSC to find markets for our sugar, and not just because the production is dropped. Our longest standing customer, Tate and Lyle, who a few years ago wanted to buy more sugar than we were producing have given up on Frank’s FSC. They’ve been looking to other countries to get the sugar they need. The root problem of all our sugar industry problems is lack of confidence. Farmers don’t have confidence in Frank’s FSC, landowners don’t have confidence in Frank’s TLTB and now Tate and Lyle don’t have confidence that FSC will be able to produce the sugar they promise.

Radio Fiji 13 August 2013 Sugar exports impact balance of payments

2 Responses to “Sugar hits the export bottom line”

  1. Tusi Seru Says:

    The official news release from this illegal Govt is very confusing as it is very contradictory. We had reports of high sugar and cane production, then high foreign earnings into Govt coffer and now we are getting bleak report on sugar export.

    This is the problem of being ruled by an illegal dictatorship, which is being maintained at gun point…people are fed lies after lies. Problem is we will reach a point when truths will come out and we see the real facts…probably when it is too late we have fallen into the abbys of bankruptcy

  2. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doomed. When those in leadership continue to spew out lies after lies, it will sooner or later catch up with them; they will run out of lies. The problems being faced by the industry now is a direct result of what was done earlier by the regime. Like the saying “garbage in, garbage out.”

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