Bainimarama sitting on the constitution

First Bainimarama refused to translate the Constitution into Fijian, and now he says he’s changed it, but he’s refusing to release the new draft claiming that he has to translate it into Fijian before he can even show us what the changes are. He’s hoping he can sneak the new constitution in without anyone having any say. That’s the way it’s been from the start. He chose his own Constitutional Commission, then he burned their draft. Then he said we could have a Constitutional Assembly, but he refused to name who the members were, and now he’s sitting on a new draft constitution, refusing to show us until the last moment before he declares he’s imposed it on us.

Fijilive August 12, 2013 New Constitution expected by month end

One Response to “Bainimarama sitting on the constitution”

  1. Dredd Says:

    Delaying tactics of course in the overall scheme of delaying or deferring elections. Why make the translation now? We have not even seen the final amendments of the draft that was released earlier. So as far as the regime is concerned it is a done deal, yeah?This process looks very much like a ‘shove it down our throats’ strategy. Still don’t trust these thugs. They will come up with things to keep them in power for as long they desire. But we must not allow that, will we?

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