Is the regime still the “lesser of two evils”

Despite his past services to the regime, CCF Chief Executive Officer, Reverend Akuila Yabaki, has been hit hard by Judge Calanchini. He has been hit with a fine of $20,000 and he and CCF have been ordered to pay $5000 direct to Khaiyum’s own office. This judgement shows what a hypocrite Khaiyum is. He was elected by nobody, his decrees have not been passed by any Parliament, and all judges have been hand-picked by him and subject to sacking if they do not do what he says. The suspended prison sentence means that one more comment from Yabaki and he will go straight to prison. For years Akuila Yabaki gave the regime the benefit of the doubt, making all sorts of excuses for their oppression of others, now he’s enjoying a taste of what it feels like. FDN wonders if it still feels like the “lesser of two evils” and more like pure evil.

Fiji Village: 10/08/2013 CCF and Yabaki convicted and fined

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