Can Bainimarama compromise?

The Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union has announced that their vote on the proposed strike has been verified by the Labour Ministry. The ball is now in the court of the regime to work out how they will respond. Union leader, Felix Anthony, has invited the regime to sit down and look at mediation but FSC has so far refused. Bainimarama doesn’t want anyone to think he can take orders from anyone. He thinks if he compromises once he will be expected to compromise again. It’s always “MY way or the highway”. He’s given hints that the army would step in to run the mills if the strike goes ahead. He doesn’t seem to understand what a disaster this would be. An industrial accident put the Lautoka mill out of action for two weeks. The last thing we need is a couple more of these.

Radio Fiji Aug 11, 2013 Secret ballot verified – FSGWU—fsgwu

5 Responses to “Can Bainimarama compromise?”

  1. Tusi Seru Says:

    The rest of the country must be ready to support the FSC workers’ strike.

    One way is to donate money, food… or whatever to help strikers.

    We must not allow VB dictate the course of the strike. We succeed in this strike will energise our efforts to bring the illegal Govt down

  2. Daurewa Says:

    baini has no compromising bone. hes a control freak so prepare for a fight.

  3. Worker's Rights Says:

    Bainimarama thinks he can do what he likes. He thinks he can forget about all his done and no-one cares. But the ILO is still on his case for the beating of FelixAnthony. He might have forgot it but they didn’t. The mssion from the ILO which he kicked out last year is not forgotten. The international unions all roundthe world see Fiji as a “rogue state” like Zimbabwe.

  4. wow Says:

    So where can people send assistance in cash or kind?

  5. Tusi Seru Says:

    Can the FSC UNION Officials please arrahge facilities where public can send their donations and assistance to eg banks, union offices etc….must be fraud and con free

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