Regime persecution of the Methodist church continues

The Fiji Police Force are still sending police along to Church Standing Committee’s meetings and they’re demanding that the church shows them the agenda for the Annual Conference before it can go ahead. No other church is subjected to this treatment, which is an infringement of the basic rights of Methodist church members.

Fiji Sun August 8, 2013 Police to approve agenda first: Church

3 Responses to “Regime persecution of the Methodist church continues”

  1. Daurewa Singh Says:

    this is so evil and so unFijian it beggers beyond belief.
    why are kaivitis doing this to kaivitis. why do these police officers still follow orders when they know in their hearts it is wrong.
    the power of money…yes understand families have to be fed but have to stand up to the wrong sometimes. cannot go thru life making excuses like that. no wonder Fiji is the way it is. a bunch of parasites and no principles and guts.

  2. Tavarua Says:

    God wont save Fiji, the workers will!….. and they will pay the price and the burden imposed. About time the church stands up and support or join them.

  3. wow Says:


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