Now we know who’s paying for Frank’s Secretariat

We all know that Bainimarama has set up his PIDP to convince himself that it doesn’t matter that he’s been given the boot from the Pacific Islands Forum. Yesterday we wondered who was going to pay for this expensive ego massage and now we know. We will! Everyone who pays tax will be paying for this. Next time you buy a round of drinks you’ll be paying for Frank’s big shout. Bainimarama says it “will be funded initially by Fiji”, which proves no-one else has put their hand up to fund it so far. And why would they? It’s all just to soothe the massive bruised Bainimarama ego.

Fiji Sun August 8, 2013 PIDF HOME IN SUVA

5 Responses to “Now we know who’s paying for Frank’s Secretariat”

  1. Akkissy Daurewa Kumar, Tamil India Says:

    its already happened. just find out from the Sheraton and the other hotels how much last weeks party cost the Fiji tax payers.

  2. amenayauvoli Says:

    And now they going to fund this PIDF? For what? To spite Aust. and NZ and also PNG for ignoring Inoke’s childish tantrums in Brissie last week? Unfortunately we the taxpayers in Fiji have to pay again through our noses for all this.

    E kau tiko mai vei na i lavo kece qo, sa dola tu mada qori e vica vata na embassy vou. Rt Inoke dou veivutu cici ga vakaukauwa kei Frank Bainimarama kei Aiyaz. Magaitinamudou kei na nomudou kawa kece era bula tu kei ira na se bera mai.

  3. Daurewa Says:

    money down the drain

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    You write truth @ ‘amenayauvoli’. Although the true owner of that name is very much central now to the regimes treason and their continued assault on the teetering nation.

    This new organisation will never have pockets deep enough to fulfil the bold promises and their BRIC and NAM will soon tire of being treated like the regimes personal ATM. They claim that money is no object and is unnecessary for their plans — ROFLMAO — someone wake me up when they’ve woken up from this utopic tragedy that’s on Fiji’s tab.

  5. amenayauvoli Says:

    @KTF, yes we the supposedly ignorant and subdued taxpaying citizens of Fiji unfortunately have to express ourselves manipulatively to ask these legitimate questions, albeit with much bitterness. Point is, what choice do we have, this is the only channel we can do this without fear.

    Next time i’ll come as Taito Waqa or Parmesh Chand.

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