FICAC told to put up or shut up

Langman listens as Khaiyum gives his orders for FICAC

The judge in FICAC’s case against Keni Dakuidreketi and Kalivati Bakani has told FICAC the case has dragged on for more than three years and they’ve been given their last chance to go away and come back with the evidence they claim to have. They dropped the case against Laisenia Qarase and it seems like only a matter of time before they drop this case completely.

Fiji Times August 09, 2013 Court grants FICAC time

3 Responses to “FICAC told to put up or shut up”

  1. Sotia Lasaituba Says:

    Langman Langman
    U the same and Tikoisona and Kalounisona,,,,,,,,,,engaged in extra marital affairs etc etc boi dada we dont want yo kind leading us ,,,,,,,u were caught having an affair with your sis in law in sitting room….
    Tamata boci dou via via veiliutaki ia boi dada nomudou bula!!!

  2. Dredd Says:

    Well this is one firm judge for making that rightful statement. It is simply just persecution and financial drainage of the old government people. But the reckless unfounded charging of people is beginning to fly back in the regime’s face. FICAC is not independent as it is run by a military officer who is a member of the ruling party.

  3. akisi Says:

    notice how airyass talks and these soldiers just listen, cant luk the pig in the eye and tell him stop the crap.

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