What’s with PIDF secretariat?

Bainimarama’s big announcement at his talkfest turned out to be a Secretariat for his PIDF, but no-one, including Bainimarama, seems to know what the Secretariat is going to look like. Radio Australia reporter, Samisoni Pareti, said “they’re talking of forming a working group, a committee, comprising representatives from the civil society, government, as well as churches and the business community to work out a way forward, a plan, consult with stakeholders and then they will come back with a plan”. But who chooses the “representatives” of churches and civil society? Will Bainimarama dictate to them the way he dictates to the Methodist Church? And who is funding the PIDF secretariat? Churches? NGOs, which get their money from Governments like Australia, NZ and EU? Businesses?

Radio Australia 7 August 2013 Fiji to host Pacific Islands Development Forum secretariat

7 Responses to “What’s with PIDF secretariat?”

  1. Nizam Says:

    I am sure that the European Union morons and the UNDP dimwits can be fleeced to support the new Forum.

  2. Joji Waqa Says:

    Oh, and not forgetting the NO TRUST USA Government and even the UNRELIABLE, BACKSTABBING United Nations could assist also.

  3. Raman Coke Says:

    The PIDF Secretariat is another grab for aid money (both in its set upmand continued operation) as the intrime Fiji gumment undoubtedly needs as much aid money as they can get. And do not expect to see how aid money in setting this secretariat up is being utilised.

  4. pacific forum Says:

    yes so they gonna gonna have to ask the Australians and the kiwis and yankies cos they run out of the Asian/Russian bank. but they and the UN funders are not dumb. why create another political association to rival an already thriving pacific forum?
    this is just another drain on Fiji taxpayers. all cos franky and kaiyum cannot release power and the real pacific forum will not let them dictate to Fijians anymore.

  5. foreign affairs Says:

    Fiji should go ahead and establish and fund the PIDF secretariat on behalf of all the Pacific countries. They have heaps of money, since the economy is doing fabulously and Government finances is oozing with excess cash reserves (according to Jitoko and Fili Waqabaca). Why not, that’s why they have borrowed so much, it shows their ability to repay.

    They will not depend on donors to subsidise the PIDF Sec, since Fiji is flush with money anyway. The people of Fiji are all happy and no one is complaining. All the economic indicators spewed out by RBF are pointing north. RBF is so confident, they can spare time to go to Kadavu to tell people how to save their pennies. The PIDF can be staffed by Fiji’s many excellent civil servants who are underpaid and overworked who are right now unquestionably serving FB and ASK’s beloved regime, since Fiji will give them thrice their pay in the Secretariat. What a brilliant idea by Frank and Inoke. Go ahead make our day!!!

  6. Tagane Vinaka Says:

    How much of tax payers money has been spent on these international useless talkfests???
    Better if they directed the money to those in poverty other than funding already rich bastards for a few days cocktailing eating etc etc !!!
    why create another useless regional org???
    satan divides and this is what ask and frank are good at!!!!
    Macawa dou caita na matabose vou qori.
    How man leaders were present ?? 2 or 3 & PNG PM chose NZ ahead of Fiji ,,,,,a slap in face for Frank and to date Fiji citizens still need visas to get into PNG despite all the b shit!!!
    These Pacific Islanders know thw b shit by aiyaz and frank and are just playing with them…..dim headed f wits!

  7. Daurewa Says:

    the only reason the other junior country reps attended was because they were invited for an all you can eat and drink party paid for by kaiyum and frank. oh and out of island politeness too. not because it was a good idea. the only way these two thieves can get people to come to their party is to pay for their attendance…sorry for you and I to pay for their attendance, including the two thieves bottles of wine and fine food.

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