Naivalurua’s hit list

Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Ioane Naivalurua has a list of 317 officers who have been told to shape up before the end of the year or they’re out of a job. Ever since Bainimarama seized power and got rid of a real policeman from the job of Commissioner, the FPF has been a seething hotbed of dissatisfaction. Gossip and back-stabbing have become a way of life in the FPF, just as they are in other Ministries. Naivalurua’s hitlist is a recipe for even more back-stabbing and pay-back.

Fiji Times August 08, 2013 317 on red list

2 Responses to “Naivalurua’s hit list”

  1. Daurewa Says:

    why doesn’t he go back to the army and get the soldiers to shape up first….there seems to be more out of shape there than in the police force.

  2. Batoka Veikau Says:

    He must remember that the Police and Military are two different entity,in works they do,.Can not compare them as equal,police officers a more qualified than them and works are very tiring in investigating a case and paperwork before a file ends up in court..

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