FNPF owns 40% of FA

After news that the FNPF investment deal in the PNG Bemobile had fallen in a heap, the Sri Lankan party boy who runs FNPF had to spring to life to reassure us that the investment was safe. Unfortunately, nothing he said made any sense at all. According to Fiji Live “Kodagoda said the Fund remains positive that parties involved would explore all alternative structures going forward.” WTF? FNPF contributors and pensioners want to know what return Kodagoda thinks this investment will earn.

Fijilive August 07, 2013 FNPF confirms deal withdrawal

4 Responses to “FNPF owns 40% of FA”

  1. Dredd Says:

    “Going forward” seems to be the favorite vocab and jargon of the regime and its lackeys. Comments from various regime spokesperson use these words so often that they seem stuck on it. By repeating over and over they might think it would happen. With korakora everything is anything but going forward. See FNPF and ATH for example.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    How is Mr-Atlas-never-one-to-shrug-a-free-taxpaid-meal James Ah Koy doing these days? No doubt he and his shareholding BMobile partners would have been beaming when the deal came through. Are they still smiling now?

  3. Keep The Faith Says:










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