Protected species?

A Chinese national found with $52,987.04 in foreign currency hidden in his luggage walked free from Nadi Magistrates Court after being charged for failing to declare foreign currency. According to the Fiji Sun he was acquitted after PLEADING GUILTY!! WTF? How does a guilty plea get an acquittal? We’ve all heard stories about Chinese ‘businessmen’ getting special treatment in government offices and this looks like it might be another case.

Fiji Sun August 6, 2013 Tourist free

3 Responses to “Protected species?”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    For my friends anything, for the rest the law….

  2. DavidR Says:

    All equal under the law, its just that some a more equal than others.

  3. Democracy Says:

    I don’t think the chinaman was acquitted. he was fined and let go to enjoy his holiday with his family with the rest of his money minus the $2,000 fine.

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