O’Neill’s reaction to Kubuabola rant

He couldn’t make it to Frank’s party in Denarau but he is off to New Zealand after signing off on his agreement with Australia. What a poke in the eye for Bainimarama. And it’s all thanks to Inoke Kubuabola’s rant in Brisbane. PNG PM, Peter O’Neill, was obviously offended by the speech which made it look like he was an ignorant native who’d just sold his country out for a bag of beads and mirrors.

Islands Business 06 Aug 2013 PM O’Neill to New Zealand

4 Responses to “O’Neill’s reaction to Kubuabola rant”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    I honestly do not believe that a guy like Kubuabola can offend anyone. No sensible person would take anything seriously that is uttered by a bunch of thugs and morons!

  2. Democracy Says:

    when you watch oneil on tv he just shows up franky as an uneducated uncouth wannabe leader well out of his depth. same thing with kaisibokola

  3. Navosavakadua Says:

    Everyone knows that this was dictated to Ratu Inoke. He has used all his guile to help stitch up deals all around the globe to try to make the Bainimarama regime look respectable. He would never have written such a stupid speech.

    So who did do it? We all know A S-K has never been able to forgive Australia for cancelling his PR, so he must be a prime suspect. And we all know he’s the one who can give a lot of the orders behind the scenes.

  4. oilei more insult to injury Says:

    Navosavakdua, if kubuabola didn’t and wouldn’t have approved of the content of speech he read out in Brisbane, then why did he do it?

    Why didn’t he simply refuse to read it and prepare his own?
    Esp. if he knew it wud unravel the hard work he had done trotting “around the globe” painting a respectable image of his junta.

    Just another bunch of sucker up sickos?

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