Frank has his own puppet – or does he?

We all know Frank hates this image of him as a furry little hand puppet sitting on Khaiyum’s lap. Maybe he’s feeling better now, thinking he has his own little furry hand puppet on his lap. Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is mouthing
Bainimarama’s attacks on the Australian government so faithfully that he starts to look like a little furry puppet on Bainimarama’s knee. But let’s not forget that the puppet of another puppet is just another puppet of the puppet master.

Fiji Village: 06/08/2013 We will not let them in – Lilo

5 Responses to “Frank has his own puppet – or does he?”

  1. Paula Says:

    It is high time for Australia and New Zealand to exit their aloof Fiji strategy and come back to planet earth. It is remarkable what the Fiji regime has achieved in terms of their foreign relations. Despite Australia’s constant sniping, Fiji is well regarded by the United Nations which support the government with numerous projects and continues to employ Fijian peace keepers. Under the nose of Australia China has taken a very significant hold in Fiji shifting the balance of power in the Pacific region. Even western powers such as Germany and France are fully engaged with Fiji government actively supporting a variety of projects including things like the development of a new energy policy with assistance from the German government. In other words, there are too many new friends out there for Fiji who are happy and willing to fill any gaps that Australia’s and New Zealand’s policies may have left. It is obvious that Fiji will not be the loser in this diplomatic game.

  2. Tavarua Says:

    Ye it is agreed that China itself a super power should be part and parcel of the “donor team” that Fiji should have access to but at what cost. Poor infrastructure management of buildings and roads, disregard for environmental impacts, and no interest in any democratic reforms.The only losers in this diplomatic game is the people of Fiji. With no political discourse and transparency to hold to account on how aid is best spent.

  3. DavidR Says:


    What you say may be true but what does australia and nz get from any relationship with Fiji? If anything, Fiji requires australian and nz aid money, not the other way round. The call from australia and nz to fiji to return to democracy is just that. Sigh…

  4. Paula Says:

    David what I am saying is that there are plenty of other donors stepping in where Australia and NZ stepped out. And this includes Western democracies such as Germany and France.

  5. Democracy Says:

    actually Australia and new Zealand have not stepped out at all. infact they have stepped UP their aid. so what nonsense u talking about Pauala. Chinese have been giving aid in the pacific for a while and not just Fiji. the only difference now is the regime bullshit about Australian and Kiwi alleged bullying. just an ungrateful un kaiviti unislander lot…,mouthing of the kai india bullshit.

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