Attack on internet cafes proves they fear us

The regime’s Suva City Council Commissar, Chandu Umaria, has issued a fatwa against internet cafes staying open after 9:00pm. Everybody knows, and the Internet cafe owners have told him, there are no children hanging around internet cafes after 9:00pm. A lot of people, including tourists, talk to their families overseas via the internet. And then there’s all those people accessing Fiji Freedom Blogsites. That’s no doubt what worries the regime. All their RFMF snoops don’t want to be hanging around internet cafes when they could be back at the camp drinking yaqona.

Fiji Times August 07, 2013 Council targets internet cafes

7 Responses to “Attack on internet cafes proves they fear us”

  1. Raman Says:

    This guy is an absolute drop kick. Cant wait for his dirty dealings to come to the fore.

  2. Tagane Vinaka Says:

    This is good as kids, teens and wives are using 100% of their time on Facebook wasting time gossiping etc etc posting who gives a shit photos etc etc instead of looking after their hardworking husbands

  3. Tavarua Says:

    Wow! Tagane Vinaka now you know what it feels like when the men sit around the yaqona bowl using 100% of their time doing nothing.

  4. Tagane Vinaka Says:

    That time is spent talking about development projects not gossip as in facebook.
    What tiko mada o iko ,,,,,raica na luvemu lewa, sasamaki, sava nai sulu, masi na kuro,,,,totolo sara!
    Yalewa lialia!

  5. Tavarua Says:

    Ahh yes Tagane, the old development projects, how Fijian men will develop the land returned to them from expired leases,build our sugar industry, casinos, Chinese partnership, fantastic investment in our Providence funds.Meanwhile while you stumble home looking for the left overs, the kids are fed, put to bed and homework done.
    The only lialia in this equation are the,rugby, yaqona obsessed people too lazy to care. The Chinese,and,Sri Lankans are laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. Tagane Vinaka Says:

    Well frank bought in the chooks & the lankanss..what the fark has that to do with my yaqona sessions???….while my other resources are being stolen by govt & indos via leases / licences to steal gravel, fish etc etc….
    so now am working on claims based on Treaty of Waitangi so that i own the coasts, rivers, minerals, fish, mangroves, air space, oxygen etc etc…..
    wait for it!!!
    & i forgot – banning women who wear minis, drink yaqona and dont follow husband orders!!! he he he

  7. Akkissy Daurewa Kumar, Tamil India Says:

    follow the muslim brotherhood

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