Changing of the guard?

Commander for life?

Coup 4.5 has reported another major re-shuffle in the top ranks of the Fiji Military Forces. They say Lt Col ]one Kalouniwai, the former Commanding Officer of the powerful 3FIR Battalion, has been appointed the Military Chief of Staff, replacing Brig. Mohammed Aziz. It seems Tikoitoga has been ignored and Coup 4.5 suspect this means he’s planning to stand in the elections. FDN suspects it’s because the RFMF now has too many real military responsibilities to afford the luxury of this military joke occupying an important position. Besides, Bainimarama is always switching his officers around, never leaving them long enough in a job to develop bonds of loyalty with their men. Bainimarama knows the way these things worked. Before Bainimarama RFMF Commanders usually stayed for about 3 to 5 years. Ratu Epeli Ganilau was there for 7 years. But now Bainimarama has been Commander for 14 years.

Coup 4.5 August 5, 2013 Fiji military changes top brass bypassing Tikoitoga for key role

2 Responses to “Changing of the guard?”

  1. Moto Bitu Ulukau Says:

    Kalounisona, Kalouniwai or Tikoisona,,,,,,,these people are masquarading as leaders but are traitors who stole their way to leadership via guns,,,,,,they didnot follow the legal and proper way.
    Further, both these arseholes are adulterous motherfucckers havings affairs left right and centre ,,,,left their wives and children and cannot even manage their families. Kalounisona funding his teenage mistress to go back to school at FNU while real wife and children dumped and suffering. His cousin Vara Logavatu stole money from her village & caused a family break up in Natogadravu.
    Viavia tutaga / marama boidada na bula!!!
    Viavia veiliutaki ia boidada na bula!!!
    O Setani sa cicivaki Viti tiko nikua!!!

  2. Donkey Says:

    hear hear Moto. To be in the regimes paypack, you must have at least one of these qualifications: be gay, or be a drunk, or womanizer/assholelizer or a sexual pervert/predator.
    you can change the body but if the head is an ass the animal will be an ass.

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