Well done Inoke

An anonymous blogger on Coup 4.5 has brought this news on how well the Kubuabola Brisbane rant went down in PNG. Apparently Peter O’Neill didn’t realise he’s supposed to be a puppet of Bainikhaiyum, not Australia.

“Rt Inoke Kubutikaiyum’s ignorant speech appears to have riled up Peter O’Neill as well. PNG now seriously considering pulling apart the Vodafone deal with Bemobile after realising what the non-melanesian (muslim-sri lankan) connection is trying to do in pitching their super annuation against Solomon Provident fund which owns Sol Telekom, the competitor to Bemobile. MSG solidarity now coming apart at the seams, all due to stupid arrogance of regime. Those guys are not stupid, they know its all driven by an agenda which is just not Melanesian.”

2 Responses to “Well done Inoke”

  1. Tra lala la lala la... Says:

    Well done indeed.


  2. Poly Says:

    so now the regime come back with another plan to entice the Polynesians by forming the Pacific Islands Development Forum. It will fail again because the Polynesians don’t trust this bainmarama thug. Instead of fixing the problem kaiyum creates another quick fix at Fiji taxpayers expense which will only fall flat on its face. should find out how much it costs the Fiji taxpayers to invite and accommodate the visitors.

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