The Bainikhaiyum leadership factory

Apakuki Kurusiga, the man appointed by Bainimarama to carry our the Khaiyum mission of consigning iTaukei culture to the rubbish bin of history, has declared that “Good leaders are made, not born”. According to the Bainikhaiyum plan, chiefs have to be systematically removed from power. But if good leaders are made, not born, who takes responsibility for Mosese Tikoitoga becoming the Land Force Commander? This potted-bellied, cardiac case couldn’t lead anything more than a charge to the Buffet table. He’s a joke with real military officers.Z

Fiji Sun August 4, 2013 Leadership training for chiefs: Kurusiga

One Response to “The Bainikhaiyum leadership factory”

  1. Aaaattennnnnntion!! Says:

    the admiration for their leader is so obvious in this picture. look like two little boys drooling over the lollies dangled by their leader in their faces…yes sir how high sir!!!

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