Methodists on their knees

Bainimarama loves to humiliate the Methodist Church. He knew he couldn’t deny them the Annual Conference which is the governing body of the church so he has to resort to denying them their choir contest. This is an act of pure malice which will cost him a lot in support from the iTaukei community. The choir contest is always the highlight of the Conference and choirs all over the country spends months preparing. Bainimarama will pay a big price for this petty spite.

Fijilive August 02, 2013 Church awaits response from PM

6 Responses to “Methodists on their knees”

  1. Tavarua Says:

    The Methodist church might also want to bend over after its been on its knees. The wrath of Bainimarama seems far better proposition than the wrath of God….weak leadership from a weak church with no appetite for justice, unless of course if its the choir!

  2. Navosavakadua Says:

    Even an atheist would have to admit the prayers of the Methodist Church have done more to help the troops sent to the Golan Heights than Bainimarama. He sent them off without a thought as to where they would get the equipment they would need to do the job. This is criminal irresponsibility.

    If by any chance the troops get through this experience safely they can thank the prayers on their behalf more than preparation by Bainimarama.

  3. The Cross Says:

    y always single out the Methodists? y not the catholics, Anglicans, muslims, hindus, and so on?

  4. his methodist cross Says:

    Good question @ The Cross. There’s also the Assemblies of God, All Nations (World Harvest), both of which have a large following of Christians.

    As I recall the dictator tried to deport Fr. Barr. The confused pr!ck also told the media that he is a methodist, not a catholic. Kon pucho?

  5. The Curse Says:

    way back on 10 October 1874, the British Crown and her heirs which means all governments since, including this illegal regime, made a promise in writing that they would honour and protect the native Fijians lands and way of life.
    that promise has been broken many times over by this regime.
    The rights of the native Fijians have been abused. The ire of the native Fijians has been brought to life and the curse will destroy the promise breakers.

  6. The Curse Says:

    did u know that Fiji was ceded to Great Britain on the wish of the Fijian Chiefs and their people “of securing the promotion of civilization and Christianity”?
    Has that wish been honoured by this regime?
    Another reason for the curse?

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