Don’t mention New Zealand

New Zealand has the most efficient dairy industry in the world. Despite its small size it exports more dairy product than any other country. But the Bainikhaiyum regime wouldn’t dream of seeking help from New Zealand to improve our dairy industry. FIJI Dairy Limited has hired a consultant from Europe to help increase the yield per cow in Fiji. They could get Australian help to fix FSC mills, but they keep going back to India even though an $80 million debt to EXIM Bank India has left the mills in the worst state they’ve ever been.

Fiji Times August 03, 2013 Dairy investments

8 Responses to “Don’t mention New Zealand”

  1. Rusi Says:

    A former Taukei agricultural scientist who specialised in pasture/cattle production and had published many reports on his work at Koronivia and Nacocolevu once told me that higher dairy cattle production in Fiji depends on raising the quality and quantity of pasture cattle feed on. We have good genetic cattle material but limiting factor to high production is poor feed which means poor pastures.

    European experts will bring in their experience in Europe which relies on feeding cattle purchased feeds and stall feeding…which is too costly in Fiji.

    Best people to advise Fiji dairy cattle farmers should be those with tropical Queensland experience…with similar climate to Fiji. Definitely not European experts….they will cause more damage than good just like Indians on our sugar cane industry.

  2. Joji Waqa Says:

    People should just check out the cattles at the Vatuwiri and Wainiyaku Estates in Taveuni to believe that agricultural scientist. The pastures they feed on may be the best pastures in Fiji and nobody from Europe was ever brought in for advice.

  3. Rusi Says:

    If they have good pastures on those Estates their cattle must be doing very well then…

    .if this is true then it proves the point that on most cattle farms in Fiji what limits production is poor pastures

  4. \m/ Says:

    Don’t mention that New Zeland milk exports have been ref flagged

  5. Landowner Says:

    I am fed up of Indians grazing cattle on my land ,,,,no respect, never asked etc etc had to fence off my gardens as they dont have any respect for landowners,..,,,,time to rid the land of pests

  6. Lovoman Says:

    you should ask them to pay agistment money, that’s normal anywhere else in the civilized world.
    sounds like barbeque or lovo beef coming up. if I were you that’s what id do.

  7. Madam Corruption Says:

    the ag department has been told and knows that pastures have to be improved. some farmers have taken it upon themselves without any government help to import and plant new pastures. but I guess some regime lackie/relative/friend has to make some money and why not hire someone (to tell them something they already know)and get a kick back. after all its not coming out of his/her pocket but out of the public purse.

  8. /x\ Says:

    madam regime lackie \m/, what’s botulism got to do with pastures?

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