That road way back then

The Vuna Soqulu Road which was exposed as a complete waste of money was the focus of regime propaganda back in 2010. Croz Walsh was telling us: “Government has been investing heavily in roading and other infrastructure developments in the expectation that it will result in increased agricultural produce, especially from remote rural areas”. He was sure this would be a saviour for Taveuni’s dalo production: “It is hoped that huge container trucks can load dalo directly from farms in these areas for export. This should significantly reduce travelling costs and thereby farmer’s cost of production.” What a false prophet Croz is!!!

TAVEUNI, FIJI’S GARDEN ISLAND: INFRASTRUCTURE MUST PAY OFF!/2010/12/namosi-visit-qeb-taveuni-road-long.html

One Response to “That road way back then”

  1. Regimental Thief Says:

    Just like the regime claim that it would revamp the FNPF so that it is viable. Instead they robbed the fund and the pensioners to run the country and buy new aeroplanes.
    I heard from a pensioner that his pension has been cut by 52%?? that means that the government has taken away more than their contribution to this good old man who has faithfully served the government. It also means and in fact this regime has STOLEN 2% of the pensioner’s own money deducted from each pay packet over the pensioner’s working life???

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