Whatever happened to Real jack?

On Fiji Board Exiles website, which is now hidden behind a log-in wall, Ranawai has reported that RealJack is busy finalising the new constitution which will be released shortly. This confirms that RJ has been scoring a bit of work from the AG, hence his turn-around and newly found ability to see the good side of the IG.

5 Responses to “Whatever happened to Real jack?”

  1. Asskissy Maimuri Says:

    who’s rj? jack Prasad?

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Real Jack for all his intellect lost his way a long time ago.

    Good luck to him and his ventures if he feels its the right thing to do but it never ceases to amaze when officers of the court in Fiji willfully glamorize treason.

    He may have locked up their chit chat (not that the world stopped turning), but it certainly doesn’t stop him from sprinkling his distinct commentary all over the Fiji blogs to aid his friends. Tragic really.

  3. pumpkins Says:

    Is “real jack” a Fijian lawyer by the initial J.S? What is his story, why is he so supportive of the regime?

    Some of the guys who’ve become prominent in the junta I once considered good friends, sadly that is now a very distant, fading memory.

  4. vuka vaka beka Says:

    Can someone pls name Real Jack ?
    I just want to know just so we know where we stand in respect of our colleagues

  5. Union Jack. Says:

    is Real Jack Fijian, as in the “old” and real Fijian, or in the new age bainikaiyum “Fijian” on Fiji TV.
    Is it JS or JA?

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