The sugar industry and the dictatorship problem

Union general secretary Felix Anthony said his organisation was ready to sit at the table and negotiate with the FSC to resolve grievances raised by his members. So what does Manasa the Zombie Vaniqi say in response? He says “as far as the industry was
concerned, the call for dialogue by the union was not genuine.” “Any organisation that forces negotiations via threats of industrial action is not genuine in its claims to work for the interests of its members.” The dictatorship has ruined the sugar industry through its inability to sit at the table and talk to unions, farmers and landowners and now it claims that the problem is mill workers union. Meanwhile Vaniqi made hints about “contingency plans in place’, which no doubt involves the RFMF and the use of force, the only tools this regime ever thinks of reaching for.

Fiji Times August 02, 2013 Growers in distress

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