Bainimarama’s land bribe

After years of denying landowners any right to a share of minerals found under their land, Bainimarama has announced they will now get royalties. He says it will be in his new constitution which he has so far kept to himself. If he wants us to believe him he should start by immediately paying royalties to the Bua landowners who have had to put up with dust and damage to their environment when the Chinese have carted away bauxite found on their land. All this latest bribe proves is that he knows how concerned the iTaukei community is about the undermining of their land rights by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Fiji Times August 02, 2013 Land deal

3 Responses to “Bainimarama’s land bribe”

  1. Asskissy Maimuri Says:

    another regime propaganda lies….the right to royalties was already in the 1997 Constitution which he trashed so he is not giving the kaivitis anything new…lol.

  2. Real Jack. Says:

    if franky cannot protect kaivitis land rights how can he give royalties under his constitution. no such rights were present in the draft that was released. not even a mention of indigenous or itaukei in it. so there must be some major changes in this new one that’s supposed to come out at the end of the month. don’t hold your breath peoples.

  3. Union Jack. Says:

    the kaiviti Bainimarama will believe anything the kaiindia kaiyum tells him.
    and the kaiviti Bainimarama thinks that all his kaivitis will believe anything he tells them. no wonder u kaivitis don’t go very far. cant tell the liar in his face that u sick of his bs.

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