What a strange scene

(Image courtesy Coup 4.5)

The dictator is farewelling the troops he’s sending to the Golan Heights. Everybody knows how dangerous it will be and how unprepared the RFMF is for such a dangerous assignment. Who will pay for the necessary weapons and equipment and how will they get there? The faces of all are grim. As usual, Bainimarama doesn’t look anyone in the eye, so no-one knows whether he’s going to shake their hands or pick their pockets. And what is that jacket he’s wearing? Is is some kind of protective gear? Is he afraid someone might attack him?

7 Responses to “What a strange scene”

  1. syriaterrorist Says:

    Rather Frank looks scared shit and the grim looks from the goons are more from what they now see in the real Frank, i.e. someone who will ultimately benefit politically and personally from the risk he is exposing them to. I pray for this brave soldiers for the sacrifice and risk they are taking. Frank could have never and will never ever have the guts to go on such missions, and mark my words he will never send that faggot looking son of his to any of these missions because Meli will just crap in his pants like his father did when desperately trying to dash for cover instead of leading his men in the face of battle. Same applies to that fake colonel behind him, he might just crap even before he got on the plane if he was ordered to go.

  2. Rusi Says:

    Of course the contingent does not have the dictator’s useless parasitic son. OK to send other people’s sons but not his.

  3. kanaloto komandas Says:

    Oilei Mohammed Aiziz the big crybabi. Is his Rewa St Medical Clinic up and running?

  4. Robert Mugabe Says:

    Honorable AG and Minister for Everything
    Greetings from Zimbabwe where I have just once again won free and fair elections. I am happy to share a little bit of advise with the government of Fiji which is in the process of arranging its confirmation in power through free and fair election in 2014. Trust, me Honourable Khaiyum, I am an old battle horse and have already won elections when you were still in school. So my advise should count for something. Firstly, never never allow election observers from places such as the EU, USA or other so called democracies into your country. These pesky do-gooders will report to the world what they perceive as irregularities (vote rigging, intimidation etc). Use election observers that are sympathetic to your winning the elections, use election observers you can control and manipulate. Secondly, use busses! I believe that there are plenty of busses in Fiji and they can be extremely useful in winning free and fair elections. You fill them up with your supporters and cart them around the country to vote for you. Simple but extremely effective. Thirdly, don’t forget to bamboozle the opposition into believing that they have a chance winning! They may boycott the actual event and this somewhat undermines credibility. My opponent here was foolish and power hungry enough to dance to my tune and now he is whinging about fraud and electioneering. But it is too late. Fourthly, manipulate the electoral role. I know that you have understood the power of controlling the role, but do not hesitate to be decisive and innovative when you do so. Dead people, people residing outside the country and those not yet born provide excellent openings to enhance election results in your favour. Here is Zimbabwe, we are not yet as sophisticated as you are in Fiji, we had to manually rig the role which was quite a bit of work. I understand that you as electioneering minister have already acquired the capability to do this by the click of a mouse. Use this capability to the fullest, it will pay! Last but not least, use your disciplined forces to guide the electorate! Boots on the ground at the polling stations is by far the most effective way to convince voters who are hesitant or even hostile to your course. Kick their arses, you will reap the rewards.

    I am sure you will appreciate my advise, unsolicited as it may be. Let me extend my deepest regards to you and your family, especially to your aunty Nur. I wished I had such an innovative and visionary member of my family paying my salary because this would have allowed me to retire long ago. In the absence of such a wonderful aunty, I have to soldier on until I turn 100 and this is quite a challenge.

    Yours truly

    Robert Mugabe
    Live President

  5. marykean Says:

    Frank don’t you dare send our pretty boy (bit pufterish though) Meli to Sinai. How dare? That place is not worthy of the bravery and guts that Meli’s got. He is better value parading around Fiji and showing off on facebook with his military paraphanelia threatening everybody. He deserves to protect you when you have to another dash down the cassava patch. Don’t worry I’ll tell my convoy lovers in the QEB to prepare bullet proof vests and lots and lots of diapers for both you and our dear son.

    I love you Frank and son Meli Bainimarama

  6. Akkissy Daurewa Kumar, Tamil India Says:

    bainimarama will emulate Mugabe and become Fiji pm for another 33 years.

  7. Asskissy Maimuri Says:

    Dear Robert

    You fup old man. How dare you write directly to my Asshole Gonorear (AG) giving the impression that he is the man behind Fiji dicktatorship?
    My name is Bainimarama and I am the real dickhead of the dicktatorship. My name means woman and woman in the two main Fijian dialects. That’s why I am the double barreled son of a gun with power in Fiji. My title is Rear Admirer just like my AG and my Chief Justice and President of Court of Appeal.
    By the way I wanna beat ur country with the biggest cheque book that people can have because I wanna make all Fijians millionaires like me and my Asshole Gonorear. Can you tell me what is the biggest size cheque book u have?? 20 feet long so it can fit all the zeros on the one leaf? I am planning 8 metres (that’s 24 feet plus) long cheque books for the 8th year anniversary of my coup this Christmas. one metre for each year.
    I will send you one book in exchange for your information and secret on how u manage to have elections 6 times (?) and win without having to vote yourself. My Asshole Gonorear has not got the brains to do it despite his fancy tvshows.
    moce mada

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