The mystery road

A road to nowhere? Or to someone’s property?

In 2010 the regime was boasting about a new road constructed in the South of Taveuni. Now the road is overgrown with weeds and cars are using the old road. People are asking why the money, almost a million dollars, was put into making a road that no-one wants to use. Could it be that the new road runs past the property of someone with regime connections? The new head of the Fiji Roads Authority CEO Neil Cook had admitted the road was poorly planned and it was poorly constructed when it was built, but he also said “we will fix that road but I don’t know when”.

Fiji Times August 01, 2013 Poor roadworks

3 Responses to “The mystery road”

  1. Stephen Hallacy Says:

    Taveuni people are not using the South Coast Road diversion because the absence of professional engineering oversight and shabby civil works have created a dangerous public road worse than the old route.

  2. Joji Waqa Says:

    Why the road was constructed in the first place was a mystery to all concerned. I witnessed the construction of that road and I had a feeling of sadness since, although there are no beaches along that coastline, it was a beautiful place with all the volcanic rocks jutting out into the deep waters just on the edge of the shoreline. That place also has a few legends attached to it of the ancestors of the Vuna people who now reside further down the coast.There was a lot of damage done to the vegetation along that coastline since it was almost inaccessible when construction first started. With huge volcanic rocks all around that area, they had to dynamite almost all along the stretch of the constructed road in order to make it accessible. The road is there permanently now but it would never make up for the damage that was done to that place and I curse each and every person that had ever pariticipated in the decision to build a road along that coastline.

  3. Ateca.V Says:

    THATS WHAT HAPPENS when u have a Dictatorship. No thought, no responsibility, no brains, only dickheads.

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