The two faces of Inoke

After hitching his trousers following his dump on the table, the veteran ethno-nationalist cum Race Free Fiji champion, is smiling sweetly for the camera. No-one can argue with his credentials as a two-faced politician of the lowest type. After launching an unprovoked attack on his hosts at the Australia-Fiji business forum Inoke Kubuabola said Fiji “will always remain open and ready for business with Australia”. With a slimy salesman like this what hope have we got for new investment from Australia?

Fiji Live July 30, 2013 We are always open to Aust: Kubuabola

2 Responses to “The two faces of Inoke”

  1. Nizam Says:

    It is simply astonishing that every senior minister in this regime toes Khaiyum’s line of vindictiveness and revenge. What good can a rant like Kuboabola’s do? I am sure the Australian government was mighty impressed by the pacific revolt led by this moron perotting Khaiyum’s vile.

  2. Anon Says:

    Oh oh Inoke should have got a doctor’s report before making this speech – no more visa for him so he’s gonna go to India for his treatment.

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