And who is our Minister for Trade?

Inoke Kubuabola’s speech to the Fiji Australia Business Council was pure Khaiyum. Coming to Brisbane as a guest of the Australia Fiji Business Council Forum he delivered a lecture to his hosts on the evils of their government. Kubuabola complained that Australia had refused to give a visa to our Minister for Trade, who Kubuabola said is “the Minister who can most assist Australian businesspeople in their efforts to expand trade”. And who might that be? Why it’s Khaiyum of course. So he writes a speech for Kubuabola talking to his hosts as if they are not a major source of aid for our poor and sick or the biggest source of visitors for our tourism industry. It seems the national interest begins and ends with the Aiyaz ego. By forcing Kubuabola to read this arrogant lecture Khaiyum shows once again to the whole world that he is the boss and Kubuabola is just a puppet.

Fiji Village: 29/07/2013 Fiji disappointed with Australia

9 Responses to “And who is our Minister for Trade?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wondered about that Minister for Trade bit.

    Why no mention of the esteemed position of Attorney General at the beginning of the title like His Royal Highness prefers? Good riddance for not being granted a visa!

    And what arrogance to speak down to Australia about the asylum seeker problem – the PNG government signed the blurry agreement with Australia, what’s Fiji’s blurry business in that? Stop lying about the Melanesian connection and that rubbish that has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

  2. Bruce C Says:

    Thumbs up for the Australian government. Denying this crook a visa is a good start. Denying him the possibility to sell state assets and run with the loot will be more difficult and this can only be done by the people of Fiji.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Australia doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.

    And Kubuabola is probably an angstrom away from joining Khaiyum in being classified as one.

    It has to be said tho that Kubuabola’s loyalty (backed by self-interest no doubt) cannot be faulted. He is exceptionally gifted in welcoming of regular kicks in the teeth just to sustain his role.

    I wonder if he has moments where he reflects on the legacy his kith and kin will inherit because it is hardly a proud one.

  4. Ms Arfana Nisha Says:

    You people are just jealous because the Attorney General is a very smart man and a great leader. He will be an excellent Prime Minister and Mr Rajendra Chaudhry would be an excellent choice for Attorney General. The Commodore deserves to be President one day. He has unified Fiji and done some good reforms. Fiji is better than ever and you people cant see it.

  5. Shyster Babs Says:

    Did your parents gave you a name? If yes then why don’t you use that or is it so dirty that you feel ashamed and want to use Afrana’s name?

    • Ms Arfana Nisha Says:

      I am Arfana Nisha just as you are a Shyster. Is there only one Arfana Nisha in the world? You must have more than shame to call yourself Shyster. Your parents named you aptly. You are jealous of my close relationship with the AG no doubt.

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ the pretend Arfana: Rrright. We’re all just sooo envious of the fact that Khaiyum, Bainimarama and all their aiders & abettors are on a one-way journey to Naboro.

    As a sign of good faith on our part to show that we’re not envious but equally dedicated to democratic reforms, we pledge here and now to help them get there faster.

  7. NO IMMUNITY Says:

    What tiny meeny weeny ounce of respect i had left for kubuabola is GONE! Sucker! The man should just go hang himself. This has gone beyond vakamadua.


  8. Great Leader Says:

    Kubuabola knows that he has to obey Khaiyum or else. In fact the whole bunch calling themselves ‘government’ have to dance to Khaiyum’s tune. Truly amazing, but this is Fiji today.

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