Five minutes to read the constitution

Bainimarama was forced to translate his tailor-made Constitution into Hindi and Fijian but he now tells us it will be released next month and be in place by the end of the month. He can’t even pretend that people will have an opportunity to read it and say whether they think the new draft gives proper protection to iTaukei land. He got some idea of how angry this made the iTaukei community when he said that he was going to impose the constitution no matter what two months ago, so he’d better be prepared to face their wrath.

Fiji Live July 27, 2013 Constitution will be released in August: PM

4 Responses to “Five minutes to read the constitution”

  1. Dredd Says:

    The illegal ass saving regime constitution shoved down the people’s throats without widespread acceptancehas been promised for release since early this year. Now it will be August which is a few days away. Like always they use deception by not saying the date or thereabout. August is anywhere between 1st and 31st. I’ll bet it would at the latter.

  2. Bruce C Says:

    Wrath of the Taukies? You got to be kidding. These cowards have been kicked in the teeth now since 2006 and they ask for more on a daily basis. There is certainly no need for Khaiyum to fear the wrath of this lot.

  3. \m/ Says:

    four minutes of it is taken up in reading the immunity provisions…lol

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Predictably Bainimarama is talking up his magnanimity of ‘listening to the people’ on the land issue.

    Of course we all know that tit for tat he will expect people to be thankful for native land protection that was already in the 1997 Constitution to divert attention away from them embedding their treason with unchanged immunity provisions.

    No immunity!

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