Gifts from the King

Good King Frank, the King of Korruption

The Fiji Sun has reported that Fisheries and Forests Ministry Permanent Secretary Inoke Wainiqolo has announced the approval by the Prime Minister of a logging project and an ice plant for Gau in Lomaiviti Province. The purpose of this announcement is very clear: Bainimarama holds the purse strings for everything. All the resources of government are available to him to present as gifts to people who please him. This is nothing other than corruption.

Fiji Sun July 25, 2013 Projects approved for North, Gau

3 Responses to “Gifts from the King”

  1. Bainituraga Says:

    All hail… all hail… the king of thieves… May you live long in suffering and pain… may you not endure it forever, thy will may not be done… thy shit shall be thy food 4eva… and 4eva, may u eat grass on a dry deserted land..

    Oh Bainimarama… oh Bainimarama why have you 4sakened the Fijians??… oh bloody Kailoma..

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    All hail the court jester who fancies himself an emperor.

    Twas only a week ago that the caricature of the court jester’s nekid butt was heralded on online spaces exposing him as the fool he really — an emperor with no clothes ‘streaking’ his true colours for entertainment value.

    Good people of Fiji, let not his glib forked tongue beguile you. Tis the riches beneath your feet that he really wants and he shan’t spare any expense or empty promise to get at it soonest for his coming treasonous constitutional edict may limit his unfettered access to do so as a bargain for immunity.

  3. kaigau Says:

    vinaka voreqe, keimami na va kai gau taki iko. Dau, nanuma keimami na guilecava na mosi ni ka ko cakava. caitiiko sara keiratou na nomu kawa sonalevu.

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