Beholden to no-one, but always on his knees

Please don’t make me pay the Mill Refit loan

Bainimarama has been telling his team of Ambassadors that he has made Fiji beholden to no-one, but the truth is half his time overseas has been spent on his knees begging for money he can use to buy hand-outs in return for support at home. (The other half is spent flying First Class at our expense with his family). He begged the Indian PM not to make him keep up payments on the EXIM Bank loan. He begged the Chinese to lend him more money so he could pay for the hike in the cost of the PRB flats. In Russia he was kissing ass when he wasn’t shaking hands with the help of wiping his nose on the big guy’s shoulder. He is now well and truly beholden to India, China and Russia. When it suits them they will call in their debts and Bainimarama will roll over like a puppy.

Fiji Sun July 24, 2013 PM tells of Fiji’s growing influence

10 Responses to “Beholden to no-one, but always on his knees”

  1. Raica Na Luvemu Lewa! Says:

    Ali: Grog ban discriminatory

    Salaseini Moceiwai
    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    THE Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) has labelled the grog ban imposed on some women in Cakaudrove as discriminatory.

    Some villages in the district of Vaturova continue to uphold the village bylaw of banning women from drinking grog in the village.

    FWCC director Shamima Ali said this was totally a violation of women’s rights.

    “This ban is unfair to women because they also have their rights,” said Ms Ali

    “If a village law is being imposed, it should be meant for both men and women and not only one party.

    “From our rural trips, we have gathered that women in most villages are still being tasked to carry out majority of the house chores and also men’s jobs.

    “Men, on the other hand, just drink grog at night and sleep in the day time.

    “Practising this law only encourages men to feel macho about themselves and torment their wives with housework.

    “For instance, if a man goes out to drink grog and if he returns and finds out that his food is not ready, he will be annoyed and in some cases, beat their wives or violently treat her.”

    Ms Ali said it was only appropriate for women to practise their rights freely.

    President of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama Cakaudrove Adi Mitimiti Lewenilovo said the ban was unjust.

    “Women should not be deprived of such activities because some of them drink grog to socialise and mingle with others,” she said.

    “Most women treat it as a form of leisure activity and I know that most of them are carrying out their work at home accordingly.

    “It doesn’t have any effect on their house chores.

    “If the men are drinking grog, I don’t see any reason why women shouldn’t.

    “This is just wrong and unfair.”

  2. Joji Waqa Says:

    What has this Grog Ban got to do with the price of fish in the market? Create your own blog and put issues that attracts your concern in it. Do not piggyback on this blog.

  3. Asenaca Says:

    Shamima is the biggest hypocrite I have seen. She is the one spoiling women and young girls. In the name of women’s right she encourages them to party all night and do not listen to their husbands. That was what they did to Jyoti Singh – brainwashed the girl and what a tragic end. Shamima must start reading Bible and repent as she does not have much life left for herself. She has committed so much sin in the name of women’s rights – she is spoiling our CULTURE and TRADITIONS.

  4. Sleeping with the Enemy Says:

    I don’t know about spoiling culture and traditions but I used to think highly of Shamima Ali but in recent months, I’m seriously beginning to wonder whether she only pays lip service to human rights and women’s rights… she is after all, being paid to do a job, similar to those who work for the regime mouthing off the Bai/Kaium propaganda.

  5. Tevita Says:

    Shamima big dirty pussy saraqa. She has moved millions of dollars in her overseas account which rightfully should have been used to help women in Fiji. Big Chor saraqa

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    Since when did NGOs get to make a profit in the millions from aid money that is almost always tightly controlled for its purpose by donors Tevita?

    Asenaca what you suggest about Jyoti Singh is very possibly a stain on what she fought for and unfortunately died for. Please grant Singh the dignity to rest in peace.

    The issue that Ali is highlighting is about equality. If you don’t like the idea maybe you would prefer a similar approach where only men can vote? Or that only males should be educated?

    Preposterous? Indeed. Because its silly little ideas like the yaqona one that snowball into big bad ideas like those and it could be why Ali is raising it.

  7. Voreqe Na Ulukau Says:

    Joji Waqa
    Boci – this is what people want to discuss,,,,drau lai caita mada ma maqe ni kaidia caita tiko qori o Voreqe

  8. Trust Me Says:

    @Kep the Faith aka Varasila, good to see you defending your girlfriend Shamima Ali. I have worked in that office and I know how Shamimia uses the money – ask Aunty Noor how audit report is forged for Shamima.

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    Varasila? Dude wake up! I think you mean VIRISILA.

    And hell to the no that ain’t me.

    If you know what you know I am sure FICAC would love to get involved. Otherwise quit your juvenile bitch-slapping and address the issues on fact because this is looking like a pitiful personal vendetta.

  10. Tavarua Says:

    The pathetic personal politicking by people on this blog highlights the tremendous waste of time and absolute small minded approach to the real issue at hand.No wonder Fiji will never have an organised opposition from the Church, Students or Trade Unions. they are all too bloody busy drinking kava!.
    ……..Stick it to them “Keep the Faith”……….

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