What a waste

Our waste of space TLTB General Manager, Alipate Qetaki, has revealed that he’s faced with complaints about the people who’ve not been receiving equal shares of lease money. One hundred people from 20 mataqali have made the complaints. And what’s Qetaki’s solution? He freezes all payments to those mataqali, ie he keeps the money in the regime bank account. In the meantime, while fixing something that wasn’t broken, he’s ignoring the serious issue of arrears in rents. If the regime wants to encourage landowners to lease their land to others, they should at least make sure rents are fair and collected on time.

Fiji Village: 22/07/2013 TLTB raises concern on lease payment issues

One Response to “What a waste”

  1. The buck stops where? Says:

    that’s how tltb deals with disputed rents and does not like the chief complained about. freeze the payments and forces them to go to court to untangle the mess, which may take years with the current judicial system. qetaki is freed from making the hard decisions. passes the buck on to someone else. and its no wonder the itaukei complain about tltb ineffectiveness. u may well ask why are these incompetent public servants paid to do??
    franky is now the chairman of the tltb so why cant these itaukei go and camp on his chair until he does something which he created? or is it just some political ploy to make it look like he was doing good to the ordinary itaukei…another lie to his very own kai.

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