The ginger joke

After years of trying to overcome quarantine barriers to the Australian ginger market, we finally get approval to export. And what happens? We haven’t got enough ginger to meet the market! Uraia Waibuta the Deputy Secretary of the Agriculture Ministry, who got his job as Chairman of the Rewa Provincial Council on the basis of being a regime toady, hasn’t got any plan for meeting the demand in the Australian market. Like everything in this rotten regime, he probably has to wait for Bainimarama to give his Ministry funds and Khaiyum to give his tick before anything can happen.

Radio Fiji 22 July 2013 Fiji won’t meet Australian ginger quota

2 Responses to “The ginger joke”

  1. Mr Scam Says:

    just like the potato scam??

  2. mekila Says:

    …..and many many others like Waila City, ethanol, etc. etc. Can someone take stock and post it please?.

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