Another bird?

No-one can forget the ridiculous bird costume our Miss World contestant Koini Vakaloloma wore in 2012. It looked like a desperate attempt to avoid indigenous cultural references, as in Bainikhaiyum world such things are tabu. So we’re all waiting see what our new Miss World Fiji contestant Caireen Erbsleben turns up in. We’re told it is the result of a contest in which culture-free “Fijians” voted for the winner. It’s going to have some masi and a trail of magimagi, which is looking a little iTaukeish, but the sketch that’s circulating makes it look like it’s supposed to resemble a peacock. Another bird! An indigenous symbol is good enough for Fiji Airways, but not, it seems for Miss World Fiji.

Radio Fiji 22 July 2013 Fijians select Miss World Fiji costume

5 Responses to “Another bird?”

  1. The bird Says:

    it will be in the shape of the ATR 42 which her father flies.

  2. Dredd Says:

    Last years act was so embarrassing as the costume was in no where near depicting Fiji. Sulu chamba would have been nice instead of the new peacock design which is non Fijian.

  3. The scam Says:

    you mean non indigenous..thats the regime brainwashing. no indigenous signs except on the airbus.
    I know this kid representing Fiji. shes as unfijian as u can get…half Chinese European who despises kai vitis and their culture and now pretending to be kai viti. its a scam just like the regimes no race policy to take advantage of something.

  4. Cultureless Identity less and Clueless Says:

    This shows that the kai vitis (i Taukei) know exactly who they are while they rest of Fiji own only 10% of the land, have no koros, no culture and no identity like this bainikaiyum govt, the organisers of this ms world fiji and this stupid cultureless girl. What a poor state of affairs. They are confused about who they are and are trying to create a fake identity.
    Vakacava mo ni veivutusona mada na 10% identityless, cultureless vatakei voreqe, kaiyum kei ira na matanitu magaitinana sona levu qo

  5. Joji Waqa Says:

    Can’t the FBC TV look for a better looking news presenter to present the ‘Na vakaleleka’ program? Seriously, everytime that program comes on, I just change the channel. I just don’t know how come that girl got to represent Fiji in the Miss World competition. Honestly, she is downright UGLY. I think FBCTV could do better.

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