“There will be no favouritism”

Mosese Fisher (aka Tikoitoga) has declared there will be no favouritism in the recruitment process for the new RFMF intake. Does that sound familiar? “No RFMF officer will benefit from the coup”. Can we be sure that children and relatives of RFMF will not be given preference? Let’s face it, we’ve all seen pictures of the waste-of-space Meli in uniform. And as for Mosese, does he prefer Tikoitoga to Fisher because it has a better RFMF ring to it?

Fiji Sun July 21, 2013 RFMF ready for new deployment http://www.fijisun.com.fj/?p=166987

3 Responses to ““There will be no favouritism””

  1. anon Says:

    its not what he prefers,,,he should go and sit with the other treasonist officer in Tonga.

  2. Dredd Says:

    Too much BS talk. Tiks is back and starting to sound as crazy as when he left for a while and relieved us of the pain of having to listen to his drivel on a regular basis. We don’t want or need to know about the recruitment and all its trivialities. Why tell us all these useless information when we could do nothing about it. What in word dicktatorship does he not understand.

  3. amigo Says:

    Who thef f’k is that faggot- and indian-looking emaciated asshole in the picture. He might be the answer we looking for, to send a more racially balanced contingent to the frontline in Golan heights. His cassava dashing inherited skills might do him well in the patch of olive trees there!

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