Our growth industry

Our sugar industry is in steep decline, tourism is stagnating but one industry is growing: prisons. The new Suva remand centre, housing 200 people awaiting trial, is the pride and joy of the Corrections Service. Lautoka and Labasa are going to get their own new remand centres as well. Maybe someone could explain why a regime which said it would deal with crime when it seized power is still facing an increased crime problem six and a half years later.

Fiji Sun July 21, 2013 New remand centre for public viewing

One Response to “Our growth industry”

  1. anon Says:

    kaiyum cannot build enough remand centres because there are not enough magistrates and judges to hear the cases..the sri lankans are not coming in droves because the good ones have been treated like shit and the qualified locals will not take up posts because there is no job security unless u follow the pigs grunts.
    the first step to chaos and anarchy. his only hope is for his thugs in green to beat up and put fear into the hearts of the unarmed and defenceless citizens.

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