He’s listening

The Royal Telephone – can you feel the current coming down the line?

The Master of Everything in Frank’s Fiji, King Khaiyum, has out done himself with this story in the Fiji Sun. He wants us to know “he’s listening”. He doesn’t mean to tell us that his good mate Aslam has allowed him to tap into all our mobile phone conversations (but that might actually be true). It’s more like he’s a God who listens to his supplicants when they pray to him. “Aiyaz the Merciful, please don’t let me be evicted”. The guy has lost it. When he sacked Arun Prasad last week it suddenly dawned on him that he actually is so much like God the difference doesn’t matter. He told people in Ba: “We are aware of this and let me inform everyone that these issues are being looked into.” “We”!!! Who is ‘we”? “Our name is legion”? FDN thinks since sacking Sam Saumatua he’s convinced that he’s untouchable (well you know what we mean). His next destination in more likely St Giles than Naboro.

Fiji Sun July 21, 2013 A-G listens

3 Responses to “He’s listening”

  1. anon Says:

    someone should shoot this muslim pig

  2. Malcolm Says:

    The crunch will come when Khaiyum fires Natuva in order to take full control of all state owned enterprises. Only with Natuva out of the way the minister for everything pecuniary will be able to stage the big loot: Selling FEA, Water and Housing Authority and the rest of the lot while taking his 10%. He aims for the big deal, not for peanuts.

  3. \m/ Says:

    shoot both of them

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