Training for his run in 2014

image courtesy Coup 4.5

This image has inspired bloggers all over the world. The RFMF cheer squads are tut tutting, some even pretending to be critics of Frank who don’t support him but are shocked by this image. Yes, it’s shocking because it says all there is to say about this regime.

9 Responses to “Training for his run in 2014”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Where is the cassava patch, though?

  2. turdy Says:

    and don’t forget the turd….

  3. Nemsi Says:

    The location of the turd is on Bubu’s site.

  4. Ms Arfana Nisha Says:

    Why do you keep ridiculing our great leaders. They are the best thing that has happened to Fiji. At least Fijian land will finally be put to good use.

    I hope the Attorney General runs for Prime Minister in the elections. Stop making fun of the Prime Minster he is a great man. I dont think this photo is real

  5. the thieves Says:

    of course the photo is not real u turd nisha. no wonder turdy frank can convince so many dickheads in Fiji.
    yes at last the Fijians lands will be stolen by the foreigners and locked up for 99 years renewable 99 generations.

  6. Nemsi Says:

    @Nisha – this is what is called SATIRE dear.

    And political figures will be parodied whether you like it or not because they have put themselves out there in the public arena. We pay their wages don’t forget so we can make fun of them too

  7. Ratu Sai Says:

    nice photo that portrays the dictator as he really is.

  8. kavida Says:

    It would be good of picture also showed a pineapple shoved up his cici levu

  9. Cruel to be Kind Says:

    a pineapple would be too kind…its too smooth and too small…maybe a whole chilli bush and cassava stick??

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