Qetaki discovers mystery island in the south

Qetaki, the most useless civil servant in our national history, has taken his dog and pony show to Kadavu. He says “they are on track to achieving ninety percent of their target set for the first half of this year”. He gives no idea what that target is but apparently they are going to achieve most of it by last month. He says they will “record all the queries, the complaints that they have and then we will follow-up with further meetings where TLTB will go back to Kadavu and clarify all these issues with the people concerned.” So what will he say about the Land Bank? Will he tell the landowners of Kadavu that Khaiyum’s decree has given Bainimarama virtually complete power over their land for 99 years. This would be a huge joke if it wasn’t so serious.

Radio Fiji 17 July 2013 TLTB to address landowners in Kadavu http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/12100/tltb-to-address-landowners-inkadavu

4 Responses to “Qetaki discovers mystery island in the south”

  1. Ms Arfana Nisha Says:

    The Fijians have done nothing with their land. It is time we Indians had a chance. I applaud the Attorney General for such a wise move.

    The lazy people do not deserve this land.

  2. bcc Says:

    you steal the Fijians land and the land will bite u. good luck to you kai india.
    many excuses have been put forward for choro the Fijians lands but this one takes the cake.

  3. No morals Says:

    this qetaki has become a regime ass licker. sacrifice his people for the mighty dollar. he has no morals. another kaiviti judas.

  4. tarun Says:

    Qetaki sonalevu, levu ga na tabetabe bakuwavivi.

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