Natuva can’t say he’ll stand

The Fiji Sun has carried a story about how pleased Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities, Captain (Navy) Timoci Lesi Natuva is to serve in Bainimarama’s Government. According to the Sun: “A diligent worker and skillful communicator, it’s no wonder that Captain Natuva is still part of the current Government.” But the Sun also says Natuva is “yet to decide” whether he’ll be standing in next years elections. He has to wait six months to see if Bainimarama is going to form a party. So why six months? Can’t Bainimarama find the 5000 members he needs to form a political party? Or is he taking time to conceal his assets?

Fiji Sun July 17, 2013 Navy man Natuva waiting for PM

3 Responses to “Natuva can’t say he’ll stand”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    Natuva is at loggerheads with Khaiyum over selling of state owned enterprises and contrary what the SUN reports, it is actually quite surprising that he is still a member of cabinet. But this may come to an end very soon when Khaiyum’s ax falls and the way is clear for Khaiyums plan to siphon off millions in dodgy deals with buyers of state assets

  2. Vuka vaka beka Says:

    Rau, drau bau drau ma dome vei Khaiyome.

    Drau baci malekate! !

  3. Akkissy Daurewa Kumar, Tamil India Says:

    he cant say because there is gona be no elections…

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