Khaiyum trying to cover his high-handed actions

Every day my control grows stronger

Khaiyum has claimed that there are serious complaints in relation to the conduct of sacked Special Administrator for Sigatoka and Nadi, Aisea Tuidraki and sacked CEO of the Nadi Town Council, Nemia Tagi. Khaiyum claims these allegations include allegations of favouritism in the allocation of jobs and contracts. FICAC can’t even say they’re investigating the men. The fact is they were sacked by Khaiyum without due process. The Minister responsible for their positions resigned after he was by-passed by this irregular process.

Fiji Village: 16/07/2013 Investigations continue on Tuidraki and Tagi

3 Responses to “Khaiyum trying to cover his high-handed actions”

  1. Bisun Says:

    “favouritism in the allocation of jobs and contracts”, a bit rich coming from Khaiyum. He been doing this all along. Alas, do as i say not as i do. Typical interim govt m.o.


  2. Bumboy Says:

    Khaiyum the bastion of transparency, rule of law and due process! If it wasn’t so sad that we all seem to bow to this crook, one could have a good laugh at this.

  3. bcc Says:

    that’s the pigs modus operandi. and franky does not interfere. that’s the vuakas modus operandi.

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