Arun Prasad’s real crime

Sacked Ba Special Administrator Arun Prasad is denying allegations that he obtained waivers and discounts for properties owned by him and his family. These rumours emerged after Khaiyum sacked him for his alleged bullying of squatters who were asked to co-operate in putting a road into a new sub-division which would provide housing for them. Khaiyum is keen to present himself as the champion of the poor but more than that he’s trying to make it look as though it’s quite natural for him to be sacking Special Administrators without proper process. He knows there is simmering anger over his treatment of Special Administrator for Sigatoka and Nadi, Aisea Tuidraki and sacked CEO of the Nadi Town Council, Nemia Tagi.

Radio Fiji 16 July 2013 Sacked special administrator denies allegations

2 Responses to “Arun Prasad’s real crime”

  1. marrisela Says:

    people never see or acknowledge what Mr Prasad has done good for the community of Ba and Tavua so far. I feel its all plots and jealousy.

  2. Tash Says:

    Khaiyum has a racist prick..he doesn’t see what good has come out of Mr Prasads dedication towards his work..I haven’t seen Ba town look so neat and clean before..Mr Pravin Bala is only interested in filling his pockets with the help of business people of Ba as usual..he has been doing this for a long time..Bring back Mr Prasad.

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