SODELPA pays but….

The Social Democratic Liberal Party, along with the National Federation Party, has paid the outrageous fee for advertising in the regime’s propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, and so avoided de-registration, but SODELPA members who have had to pay this fee should be asking why the SODELPA had a bill of $26,000 while the NFP had a bill of only $5,700. The charges were set by the Fiji Sun, but what were the rates used for the charges. The Fiji Sun should make these public and explain to the thousands of SODELPA party members why their party has been charged this outrageous sum.

Radio Fiji 15 July 2013 Two parties pay dues to Registrar of Political Parties Office

4 Responses to “SODELPA pays but….”

  1. Bruce C Says:

    How stupid can you be? If SODELPA thinks they can contest free and fair elections they are mistaken. Wait for the next little challenge Khaiyum will throw at them.

  2. Dr Shyster Shame Says:

    SODELPA where is all the money you made from selling Toilet paper? Why cry that you have to pay more than others! You know your income is better than others, so why can’t you pay and play.

  3. Dredd Says:

    Yes Bruce I was thinking along that line too. Now that 2 parties have cleared the bar the regime’s ring masters will raise the bar higher and make more difficult for the parties to ascend. It is getting very obvious what the intentions of the regime are and that is weaken the parties that they will finally give up.

  4. SDL Lamusona Says:

    This SODLPA is a lameduck ….will eat shit if decreed by Kaiyum. Dou sa vakamadua mai.

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