Can we have the organ-grinder, please?

The Methodist Church is still waiting for the appointment they have requested with the self-appointed PM to seek an extension of the time for their Conference. The 330,000 members of the church have a right to expect their leaders to be given the courtesy of a meeting. But so far they have been treated to statements from Tudravu, the only man in the FPF who can speak on some matters. The 330,000 members don’t want the monkey, they want the organ grinder.

Radio Fiji 16 July 2013 Church awaits PM response

One Response to “Can we have the organ-grinder, please?”

  1. Tavarua Says:

    So 330 thousand members, and another 300 thousand followers, and even the Big Man God on their side, and still the Methodist church is grovelling on its knees to one man.Is the church more fearful of a financial ruin, or the Big man himself? Whats the use of being a “Christian Nation” when the Leaders themselves are too pre occupied about a choir competition than protesting loudly about the regime.Please the Methodist Church do your duty and stand for what you believes in…oh that’s right appeasing the Big Man himself Frank.

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