Say it isn’t so

Fiji Freedom blogsite, Coup 4.5, has reported that the new News Manager at Fiji TV is to be none other than Neumi Leweni, currently Counsellor to the Fiji Embassy in Beijing, but before that Permanent Secretary for Lands, RFMF spokesman and Warrant Officer in the RFMF Band. The man is a complete dunce who should be sitting in the corner with a cone hat on his head, but Bainimarama has promoted him from one job to another. In the military he was more like a pet dog kept as a Mascot by the Commander than a functioning military officer. When he was RFMF spokesmen other officers squirmed as they watch him mumble and ah er his way through public statements.

Coup 4.5 July 14, 2013 Fiji regime bullies Fiji TV into appointing media censor news manager

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