Fuel price bribe

Oil prices have been steady over the past year

After watching fuel prices rise for the past 6 years Khaiyum’s Kommerce Kommission has granted a decrease to try to win favour with the voters. The claim is that the “The huge reductions are due to the reduction in world prices of crude oil and gas.” Really? Are oil prices on the slide around the world? This price reduction proves only that we’ve been paying too much in the past.

Fiji Village: 15/07/2013 Fuel and gas prices reduced from today

3 Responses to “Fuel price bribe”

  1. Babra Malimali Says:

    When the prices are up, you say that the government is looting public. When they reduce the price, you say they are doing it for votes.

    Please think again what exactly you want.

  2. dodo Says:

    exactly what u just said pussy babra…

  3. Nizam Says:

    Read the justification of dropping the FEA tariff on CC webpage. You’ll get the gist…

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