Another beating means another cover-up

Yet again, the Bainikhaiyum security forces have been caught in the act of breaking the law. They stopped a vehicle carrying people preparing for a funeral and assaulted the occupants without any lawful reason. One of the victims recognised one of the thugs as a member of the military and others witnessed the crime. The one thing we can be sure of is that these men will not be punished for their crime. The regime can’t claim these men had it coming to them, like Benedito, but the thugs will escape punishment. The regime will try to buy the victims off and get a picture of them smiling while accepting an apology. If that fails there’ll be death threats to their families.

Fiji Times July 13, 2013 Trio tell of horrifying ordeal, police, army investigate

Radio Fiji 15 July 2013 Police investigate alleged assault

3 Responses to “Another beating means another cover-up”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Hopefully the UN Security Council and all the international outposts are taking careful notes. It is breathtaking naivete on anyone’s part to believe that anything substantial will be the outcome of these investigations — under the hand of Bainimarama, the term ‘investigations’ simply means ‘life goes on’ where egregious acts are rewarded with impunity.

    This is the Fiji style of peacekeeping that Bainimarama’s illegal & treasonous mercernaries are trying to export simply so that Bainimarama & Kaiyum can keep their personal armed militia happy with the crumbs while they pillage and plunder the nation and its coffers.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Vuaka Tagane I prefer to take the view that we need to focus on the main issue — which is that the illegal and treasonous regime must stand down and return the country to democratic rule.

    If we can’t see the forests from the trees we will continue to remain silo-ed just because we are racially, ethnically and religiously different when everything this regime has wrought, affects everyone the same way.

  3. Kaiviti Says:

    no indigenous people are affected more than others mate

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