Back to Abdul Khan

Last week Marika Gaunavou, the Deputy Chairman of FSC, admitted all the problems facing the mills. It gave a glimmer of hope for the industry, where truth will always work better than lies. But this week it’s back to the same old same old. Abdul Khan is boasting that growers are happy with performance of two out of three mills in the Western Division. Meanwhile the Lautoka mill ground to a halt and FSC technicians didn’t seem to know what the problem was. Do they get into trouble if they admit it’s a result of the junk equipment supplied by the Indian contractors who wrecked the mills and still got paid?

Fiji Times July 12, 2013 Problems with mill operations halt crushing

Fiji Times July 12, 2013 Growers happy with performance

One Response to “Back to Abdul Khan”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    I have repeatedly said that Abdul Khan is the dumbest CEO ever. He is trying to make FSC look good when the reality out there is totally the opposite. The crushing season has just started and he should just keep his big mouth shut until the season is over. Does he still not know that sugar cane tonnage and sugar make is still well below half the capacity? When it returns to normal then he should start to make comments. This is also the same stupid CEO who restructured FSC management thinking it will improve things. An example is changing the titles of Mill General Managers to Production Managers. A change of title but doing the same job. In the past Mill GM’s had the liberty to speak to the press. No more now as the dumb CEO thinks that all media release must come from him. I had said previously that if FSC wants to improve, an experienced and honest man like Mr Marika Gaunavou should take the helm and steer the company back to profitability.

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