Honesty stills survives

Honesty still survives among real people

For six and a half years we have been ruled by a gang of thieves who stole government and have been looting every public asset they can lay their hands. The FNPF has been forced to lend them hundreds of millions, the RBF is forced to handover every cent it makes without keeping anything in reserve and, worst of all, the two top dogs loot the public purse to pay themselves huge salaries which are hidden from sight. So it’s pleasing to see that we still have reserves of honesty among the ordinary people. When airport cleaner, Saravina Lutuvou, found a bag containing $10,000 in cold hard cash she did not think for a second it could be hers. It’s someone else’s property so she handed it over to the authorities.

Fiji Times July 11, 2013 Cash back

3 Responses to “Honesty stills survives”

  1. Francis Says:

    This money belongs to our beloved AG like all other bribes in the country. Hand it back to him immediately.

  2. Donasele Says:

    God bless you Saravina.

    You have shown us true honesty and you are exemplary to the rest of us…your rewards will materialise in God’s good time. Congratulations to you.

  3. Qauri Soli Sona J Grey Says:

    Sa yaga sara na soli moi muri joe grey sa manidia sara with no qualifications

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