Arrogant Aiyaz spits in the face of the US

Our unelected Attorney General has dismissed the $1 million pledged by the USA to help with next year’s election. He said “the coverage of the recent United States million dollar donation is overrated, considering PNG has given 11 million US dollars and many other countries are helping as well.” He’s seems to have forgotten that any “coverage” given to the donation is a matter for the media, which is under his thumb. He can have reporters sacked on a whim. The US Embassy has no say in how our controlled media report news. What is it about Khaiyum that makes him want to spit in the face of every elected government while kowtowing to every non-democratic government?

Fiji Sun July 10, 2013 Australia, New Zealand should be apolitical: A-G

3 Responses to “Arrogant Aiyaz spits in the face of the US”

  1. Francis Says:

    Wait what will come down in the next couple of months: Khaiyum has arrogated to himself the control over all state owned enterprises which he will sell in close cooperation with his aunty Nur and a Brisbane based law firm. FEA is the first to go. He will rake in hundreds of millions and turn from a very rich crook to a filthy rich thug.

  2. Ms Arfana Nisha Says:

    I do not know why people keep telling lies about the Attorney General he is a wonderful man and a wonderful leader.

    He and Mr Rajendra Chaudhry are Fiji’s greatest assets,

    Leave the AG alone.

  3. Babra Malimali Says:

    Rajendra Chaudhary – greatest asset?

    Afrana dear you have so much time to say this piece of rubbish on blog? Nothing to do at Legal Commission?
    Since when you became RC’s fan?????

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