The truth is plain for all to see

The Bainikhaiyum cabinet has approved a new big recruitment drive to cope with the Golan Heights deployment. What a perfect opportunity to test the race-free credentials of this regime. Will there be ethnic balance in the new intake? Will there, for the first time, be a significant intake of Indo-Fijians? Now that the regime has declared we’re all Fijian, there’s no need to tell us what the ethnic make-up of the new intake is. It’s like the secret salary payment system. The truth cannot be spoken, but neither can it be hidden.

Radio Fiji 10 July 2013
Cabinet approves military recruitment drives

4 Responses to “The truth is plain for all to see”

  1. Dredd Says:

    Full of soldiers around with more coming and where is the enemy. We are really transiting into a military state and into a bleak future..

  2. losalini Says:

    what a load of rubbish. how about just stop sending soldiers abroad. or at least keep it to a minimum. shame shame and double shame

  3. Francis Says:

    It is the sole responsibility of the UN.

  4. Dredd Says:

    Coup culture and military dictatorship is now strengthening its base and now digging in here to stay and all the fault of the UN who were supposed to protect people. I am starting to believe that that is just a myth. UN represent vested interest and big governments at the cost of 3rd country loss.

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